2017 Photonics West Review

Guild Optics’ Review of Photonics West 2017

First the numbers: Over 23K people attended the Photonics West Expo which included over 1300 exhibitors. It didn’t feel as busy as last year, but probably only because the foot traffic seemed to be better dispersed throughout the 3 day event. Vendors felt like they had more time to roam around and chat a little easier this year. I liked this, as many vendors are our customers. 
Now for the fun stuff:
While we didn’t have the robot being wheeled around this year, there was the Vacuum Engineering Materials booth that came through with the afternoon refreshments. I’m not sure how Guild Optics keeps lucking out with our placement to this yearly attraction, but we were only 1 row away. What was on tap, San Fran’s own, Anchor Steam. 
There was even a Whisky tasting booth a bit further down. Optics.org was responsible for that. I didn’t spend much time there, whiskey is not really my favorite. 
I tried to take as many photos of neat things as I could. You’ll see them below with a little caption for each one. My Favorite, hands down (or up), our neighboring booth’s hand controlled monkey. I secretly refer to it as the jedi mind trick monkey. 

Thanks to everyone that stopped by the Guild Optics Sapphire Booth. It was great to see everyone again. 
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Our Booth – Guild Optical Associates, The Authority in Sapphire Optics

StingRay at Photonics West

2017 StingRay Bowl. Our NH friends were surely as excited we were about the Super Bowl.

What is this?

I don’t know what this was, but it looked like a game I wanted to play.

The coolest Photonics West robot that I could find this year

This Photonics West robot was actually stacking and unstacking balls.

The Jedi mind trick monkey - Best of show (in my opinion)

Our neighbors at the show had a motion controlled monkey. It made you feel like a Jedi.

Big Sapphire Window at Photonics West

The #BigSapphireWindow from Guild Optics was creating some buzz.

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