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2017 Photonics West Review

Guild Optics’ Review of Photonics West 2017 First the numbers: Over 23K people attended the Photonics West Expo which included over 1300 exhibitors. It didn’t feel as busy as last year, but probably only because the foot traffic seemed to be better

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Our Review of Photonics West 2016

The next best thing to actually being at the show is the reading the Guild Optics ReviewGuild Optics Review of Photonics West 2016:First the numbers: Over 22K people attended the show which included 1,354 exhibitors. It was busy. When I

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What If Optics had a New Year’s Resolution?

A comedic take on what optical housing’s and component’s New Year’s resolutions might look like:

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Upgrade to Sapphire Glass

Sapphire vs Glass

Your typical glass optics are not cutting it in rough applications. Have you ever had to replace a plastic or glass protective window due to scratches? Maybe a new lens in your optical assembly due to damage from a high power

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Military Sensor Optics

Guild Optics recommends sapphire optics over typical glass substratesCertain areas of military optical devices have been realizing the benefits of sapphire windows and lenses from Guild Optics for many years. The extreme hardness and durability of a sapphire window in

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