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Guild Optical Associates can manufacture your optical mirrors and optical filters from sapphire, fused silica, quartz or common optical glasses. Tight tolerances and specifications can be accommodated in nearly any size combinations.

Optical Mirrors


Guild Optics is an optical Mirror manufacturer that can produce flat, concave, or convex mirrors in any shape for your optical needs. From laser optics to focusing mirrors, Guild Optics can create your optical mirror design to near exact tolerances with most any reflective coating you desire, front or back.

Optical Filters


Guild Optical manufactures light filters for nearly any optical application. Many filter glass materials are available in the Ultraviolet, Visible, and Infrared wavelengths. Filter assemblies are also available. Optical Filters are designed to transmit a specific spectral band with high efficiency. Short-wave IR, long wave, and broadband optical filters are available.

Mirror/Filter Applications

Sapphire Windows


Sapphire Lenses


Optical Lenses


Optical Windows