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State of The Art Metrology Lab

Guild Optics' Zygo

Guild Optical Associates has added a new climate controlled Metrology Lab. Customer Service has always been a priority at Guild Optics. We are forever committed to not only meeting, but surpassing customer expectations of optical windows and lenses. With applications

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Guild Optics Makes Donation to Children’s Science Program

Optics Donation

Sonora’s Super Scientists receive Sapphire windows and Lenses from Guild Optics When Stephen Sasaki of UC Irvine sent an email request for “overrun damaged optics” to aid his children’s education program, he got more than he imagined. LinkedIn can be

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Guild Optics Goes to Photonics West

Guild Optical Associates will be in attendance at Photonics West. We have been attending this SPIE show for many years and this year is no exception. You can find us February 5th through the 7th at The Moscone Center in

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Sapphire Windows In Stock

Sapphire Optics

Guild Optical Associates has a large selection of overrun sapphire windows in stock. Are you looking for sapphire windows to complete a prototype of yours? Or are you seeking a sapphire lens that will give you a rough idea if

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Guild Optics Completes ITAR Registration Process

ITAR Guild Optics

Guild Optical Associates is happy to announce that we have become registered under the ITAR. Guild Optics is a highly regarded leader in sapphire optics manufacturing. For over 24 years we have been supplying high quality Sapphire Windows and Optical

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