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Guild Optics Day of Photonics

Guild Optics Day of Photonics

Oct. 21st – Day of Photonics: Guild Optical Associates chose to reach out to the kids for this day. Jon taught the 1st – 5th graders at Mason Elementary about the MOHS scale and the hardness of glass vs. sapphire.

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Sapphire Medical Optics

Mecial Optics Sapphire

Sapphire windows and lenses make for extremely durable medical optics. Medical instruments depend heavily on consistency and repeatability. These are the major reasons why sapphire optical components can be depended on by medical professionals. Sapphire is extremely scratch resistant, second only

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The Many Uses of Sapphire May Surprise You…

Drone Gimbal

You probably know how sapphire is useful in your industry, but how else is this substrate being used? You may be surprised to see how some other industries utilize the rugged properties and scratch resistance of Sapphire from Guild Optics.

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Scratch This – Sapphire vs. Glass

Sapphire vs. Glass

Sapphire is Famous for its DurabilityBut just how much abuse can sapphire withstand? The answer, more than you think. “When I push the jagged edge of my keys into the sapphire window with a good amount of pressure, I expect

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25 Years of Excellence in Sapphire

Guild Optics Turns 25 Sapphire windows and lenses backed by experience 2/3/15 – Another year older and another year wiser. Ordering your optics from Guild Optical Associates is certainly a smart decision.  Over the past 25 years, Guild Optics has been

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