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Sapphire Optics for Military and Defense

Sapphire Optics

Guild Optics is a key supplier of sapphire windows and sapphire lenses to the defense, aerospace, and military markets. Industry leaders utilize Guild Optics due to our US based manufacturing facility and superior sapphire polish quality. Our shop is capable of

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The Many Uses of Sapphire May Surprise You…

Drone Gimbal

You probably know how sapphire is useful in your industry, but how else is this substrate being used? You may be surprised to see how some other industries utilize the rugged properties and scratch resistance of Sapphire from Guild Optics.

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Military Sensor Optics

Guild Optics recommends sapphire optics over typical glass substratesCertain areas of military optical devices have been realizing the benefits of sapphire windows and lenses from Guild Optics for many years. The extreme hardness and durability of a sapphire window in

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