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Sapphire Optics for Military and Defense

Sapphire Optics

Guild Optics is a key supplier of sapphire windows and sapphire lenses to the defense, aerospace, and military markets. Industry leaders utilize Guild Optics due to our US based manufacturing facility and superior sapphire polish quality. Our shop is capable of

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The Many Uses of Sapphire May Surprise You…

Drone Gimbal

You probably know how sapphire is useful in your industry, but how else is this substrate being used? You may be surprised to see how some other industries utilize the rugged properties and scratch resistance of Sapphire from Guild Optics.

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Upgrade to Sapphire Glass

Sapphire vs Glass

Your typical glass optics are not cutting it in rough applications. Have you ever had to replace a plastic or glass protective window due to scratches? Maybe a new lens in your optical assembly due to damage from a high power

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What is a Sapphire Lens?

Sapphire Lens

What is a Sapphire Lens? In a prior writing, we explained the definition and uses of sapphire windows. Sapphire windows are often times unintentionally referred to as lenses. However, this term does not fit the definition of a window. A

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The Truth Behind Scratch/Dig

Sapphire Lens

  The Story of S&D   There seems to be a wide variation in the reporting of surface quality on sapphire windows and lenses, as well as what is and what isn’t possible. 20/10 or better optical surfaces on sapphire windows is thought

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